Smile Artwork


“Christmas” is the joyful acknowledgement of telling love, cherished and missed and beautifully summoned home. I am leaving nothing out to get you home safely, it said. It’s good love even if it’s crazy love. The sounds and melodies are as fresh as pop can be. Yet they managed to keep the classic warmth and feel of timeless Christmas ballads.

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Smile Artwork


“Ife” is a story of unappreciated Loyalty, Redemption and Love. The song is speaking to all who must take greater control of making love come to them and stay with them. If it is so good, put a ring on it, let’s make it last forever and ever.

Smile Artwork


“Smile” is an upbeat, concert friendly pop offer with an African origin. Its rousing vocals dissipate the blues and urge a sunny disposition. Like, what the heck, a new day is broken, take your shirt off and dance in the sun.