Fahmili is a ruminative pop group of three vivacious Nigerian girls. Ayomide (19) arrived via a neighbourhood talent hunt, HoneyDee (20) is a recording artiste, who walked in with a management team that was desirous of a creative synergy, and Tobby (21) was scouted out during a studio session while she was doing her thing on vocals. The girls have stuff in common not the least are school lectures, teenage zest and indiscriminate love of music.

Standing in for Righton Projectz Limited, and behind his “No Cats Allowed,” door, Mr X had repeated the agenda: to have the girls become the most recognizable pop music brand in Africa. There were sober pledges of dedication to work, commitment to team spirit and playful banters and giggles of excitement. Fahmili would be the singing trio of the African pop scene.

The group now has a dedicated recording studio and a “safe House” where, when they camp, they dedicate themselves to keeping fit and doing nothing but make music. It’s a dream rehearsal grotto. Inoculated from outside distractions, they easily keep their own company and are as productive as guitar strings. You would know how much they have put these resources to good and professional use, the next time you listen to their unaffected, earful and infectious singing. The girls are an alluring sight when they perform. They make you feel a connection, like they real care how much you personally enjoy their music.

For inspiration, the girls listen to everything music; a trait that shows up in their broad and open pop style. Fahmili has confessed to being influenced by sounds like Motown of old, “Rhythm and soul”, contemporary pop, Nashville and Fela’s Afro beat. With simple chords, pencils and company-awarded notepads, their fledgling songwriting is most potent while crafting within African rhythm templates. Warmth and enthusiasm define the landscapes of their creative options. The result is sunny, world-responsive music rich in folksy singing and livened with probing beats. Plus, they have a few professional songwriters at their beck and call.

They just ask that you watch out.

Fahmili - Ayomide, HoneyDee & Tobby