Fahmili is a ruminative pop group of teenage Nigerian artistes, Isabella Ayomide Braide (Ayomide), Esther Tarelayifa Samuel (Tarelayifa) and Ajoritshedebi Tite Ebunoluwa (Rukewe), who had school lectures, teenage zest and indiscriminate love of music in common. Each girl comes with a distinct voice timbre, groomed to ripeness from the exertion of choir singing in various Lagos church locales. Then they became show-offs, flaunting their singing skills at talent shows and more public audiences. They were doing neighborhood gigs when Mr. Ex discovered them one after the other and thought to share his vision of a combined force with them. He got them in a room on which he had “No cats aloud” stuck on the door. The girls absolutely bought the idea and Fahmili was bone. January 2019.

They keep the best company with the guitar (Tarelayifa), the drum (Ayomide) and the piano (Rukewe). They are an earful singing together and an infectious sight when they perform, which is really like having the fun of their lives every gesture and movement –in your face!

For inspiration, they listen to everything, but would confess to being influenced by many sounds: Motown of old, Rhythm and Blues, soul, contemporary pop, Nashville and Fela’s Afro beat. With pencils and simple chords, their fledgling songwriting is most potent within African rhythm templates. Warmth and enthusiasm defines the landscapes of their creative adventure. The result is sunny, lively, world-responsive music, rich in folksy singing and probing beats.  

Their first single is due for release in September (2019). They are still teenagers (yes, you heard right). So, you can say theirs is an exciting story; breaking, developing…

Mr. Ex., Righton Projectz, Lagos

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