Another Love Letter: We Would Do Anything for You

Fahmili - Ayomide, HoneyDee & Tobby

Hello, good people of Lagos, Nigeria, Africa and the world. Please stay safe. Yes, we must remember to always start with that. Stay safe, work from home if you have that option and take all the precautions as recommended by experts on Covid 19. Please, heal the world. Be our hero.

Have you noticed the new look of your favorite female pop group? Also, there are wonderful new personalities in our work team too. Some of these were spinoffs from a teacup storm -we must admit- in the affairs of our management at Righton Projectz. And then came some soul searching and realignment of visions. We were a little saddened to let go of those who left. But we are mightily happy to welcome those who arrived. We have heard and taken the pledges from every partner. Together, we are keeping the resolve to nudge the bar higher. Fahmili is an innovative brand and we shall continue to innovate. The managers couldn’t stop promising, “Our focus shall remain on seeking upgrades to our systems and hacking improved efficiency for our processes.” We –Fah mi li- concur.

For us and our valued supporters, the changes ensured that new manpower requirements were met, resulting in not just new brand faces and backroom staff but also resourceful studio musicians. It comes with the game. Life goes on.

Therefore, the lull in our music business activities is over. Yeah, that is what this is about. We have a new song on the platter: our CSR offer to help people everywhere in the world get through this anxious times brought on by the Corona pandemic. We are working hard to serve it hot asap.

Dear lovers, we appreciate you. We appreciate the patience of those who noticed the “quiet” but kept faith, and are grateful to those who were worried for us and spared a few prayers for the House. God bless you too. We thank you.

Now, we will let the music play…